Why is FreelancerUK suitable for Freelancers in the UK?


How does the ideal world of the freelancer look like? You start building an individual working schedule, you have complete freedom, you have the opportunity for unlimited work, employers from all over the world are at your disposal, you can work and get well paid.

FreelancerUK offers the opportunity to make and find new projects for professionals from different fields: programming, design, database, SEO, advertising, architecture, copywriting, video and audio, photography, virtual assistant.

FreelancerUK was created to help both employers and freelancers. In addition to linking them, the platform also ensures that both sides will be satisfied with the result – the employer will get the project well done and the freelancer with be paid.

By registering as a freelancer, there are many things you need to do to set up a noticeable profile, such as uploading a portfolio, doing tests confirming your skills, confirming your identity, and adding personal information. While this may take a while, FreelancerUK makes the entire process very easy by sending reminders by email and notifying you of missing items in your account.

The platform is launched in the UK and in English, with the potential of becoming a major assistant to employers and freelancers from the UK and all over the world.

When you choose a project according to your abilities and skills, you will have to bid for this project and compete with other people who bid for this project.

Another thing to do when bidding for a project is to make the employer to choose exactly you. This happens in a short message to him, in which you can describe your skills, the qualities you consider to be your advantage. It is also good to share your¬†previous experience as you can create a portfolio to link to. Once you’ve done this, you will wait for a feedback.

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