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What is Freelancer UK?

FreelancerUK is a freelance platform in which employers can post freelance announcements and find the right person for their projects. The services that are offered include logo design, writing articles, and even hiring a virtual assistant. FreelancerUK is an extremely intuitive and easy-to-use site.

FreelancerUK connects freelancers and employers. The freelancers use credits in order to apply for a project, posted in FreelancerUK. Besides the free credits given for every registered freelancer, further credits can be purchased at any time from the dashboard. Employers simply need to submit the project details and their budget and wait for the candidates.

Flexible, Powerful Pricing Plans

Our normal project fee is 15%  for freelancers. It will always be free for employers. We have also made it FREE – NO FEES in October.

FreelancerUK provides different and flexible monthly and annual subscriptions and pricing plans. You can choose the plan that serves the best you need and help you increase your income and submissions for projects.


Both freelancers and employers can access their project, proposals, contact info, pricing plan, and chat field through their dashboard. Also, each project can be tracked about its status of completion.

Freelancers and Employers

When a freelancer chooses a project according to his abilities and skills, he will have to bid for this project and compete with other people who bid for this project. After a project is assigned to a freelancer, both sides (freelancer and employer) have access to a workplace, where all the related information about the project can be discussed and managed.

Candidates and Proposals

All project proposals from the candidates are accessible through the dashboard. The freelancer who places the proposal becomes a candidate to win the project. The employers can choose from the proposals which freelancer to be awarded to win the project.

Terms and Conditions of a Project

Employers and freelancers can discuss the project terms and conditions they are both agreed. When an employer awards a project to a candidate, both sides agree their terms for the project before the official assignment.

Our full website terms and conditions can be found in our website terms and conditions.

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