How easy is it to become a Freelancer in the UK


Its actually probably not as hard as you may have originally thought. Becoming a Freelancer in the UK, with the Find a Freelancer in the UK - For Employerstechnology available at your fingertips, has never actually been easier, but on the same note, if you find your niche, you will find it helps you immensely. Alongside taking the necessary steps from the offset – but why else would you be here?

If you are considering going freelance, you would not be along. The UK has over 1.88 million freelancers and you can be one of them! Being your own boss usually means you can work how you want when you want and as much as you want, and on the plus side, freelancer job satisfaction is really high as a result.

Freelancing can be what you want it to be. If you just looking for a bit of extra cash to boost your holiday spending money or looking to start your a career in your chosen field. Freelancing in the UK allows you to be your own boss and have a family/time friendly work-life balance. You can choose your hours based on your current commitments, slowing down when you need to.

Start out by using your existing network – This can be professional or personal, but reaching out to people already in your circle is vital for any startup, as you have already come over the first barrier, being trust. If they themselves do not need work completing maybe they know someone that does?

It does not matter if your fresh out of uni or experienced in your field, everyone has something to bring to the table. Becoming a freelancer could be one of the most rewarding things you ever do, and if you understand how to market your services correctly you can earn a living from your passion and get paid to do what you love. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

The difficulty mainly lies in getting going, how do I get started? how do I take on my first client? and so many more questions. The answers will come in time;

Our top tips for on How to become a freelancer in the UK

Give yourself a reality check – If you’re leaving a job to start your own business, or even just thinking about the next steps after education – think about your responsibilities and commitments that you already have. Do you have enough time to commit, and also the financial outlay? It doesn’t cost to become a freelancer in most cases, but having the funds available to survive whilst transitioning from traditional employment matters.

Get yourself disciplined

It is great having no boss to tell you what to do, but being a freelancer also means being your own boss, it is important to stick to a routine. For some people, freedom is great, especially if you’re a good self-motivator. But for many, this can come as a challenge. Before you start freelancing, set yourself a plan and measurable goals that you wish to achieve,

Why Freelance in the UKWork out your rates

This is possibly the most important factor in becoming a freelancer. You need to work our your rates, both hourly or as a flat project fee. This will largely depend on the amount of work required in the project, Do extensive research in your area of expertise to get an idea for the going rate. Remember the importance of building up a reputation and referrals, earn the respect and trust of a group of clients.

Sole Trader or Limited?

You will need to decide at this point if you want to become a limited company or work as a sole trader. Each has its advantages and we will go into further detail later in our blog.

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